Modelling for me & Studio 17 in Spain  

More information about the casting call

About me:-

I am an ex-model agent - licenced - and professional photographer now semi-retired in Spain.
Some years ago, my catwalk trainer asked me to help her into life modelling then suggested I market life models, so I started Bohemia free register of artists models.

About Studio 17:-

Having relocated to Spain and wishing to develop my art, I couldn't find life drawing groups here, so I have started my own workshops and recruit models in Spain from the ex-pats etc...
I run my life drawing workshops in Spain, STUDIO 17, from my home studio in Rojales near Alicante with up to 5 artists & a different model every Friday.
AND very occasionally I supply models to other groups in Spain too. (I always tell them when I have a model from UK over & sometimes am able to find them extra work there too, but no guarantees of course.)

What does the work entail?

Put simply, it requires you to stay still whilst naked for various length of pose which artists try to capture on paper, but it is never as simple or as easy as it sounds of course.
So if you have never done it before consider if you will be happy with it.
I have used many 'first-timers' and done test sittings with many more and most have enjoyed the experience with only two deciding it wasn't for them as they felt bored.
Poses vary in length and it helps if the model has some ideas, but I pose them otherwise.
Action poses, standing on one leg, etc, may only be a few minutes, whilst for the longer poses - perhaps 1 hour - the model is usually lying down.
As an indication, I have photo'd some of the models working for me HERE.

And CLICK HERE for a model's report on her first time experience.

And here's a few hundred posing ideas from Art Model Tips - just click one of the thumbnails.

Pay & conditions:-

I pay models 15 euros/hour and have established this as the 'norm' for all groups I deal with - which is about twice the going rate of Spanish artists models I've been told.
BUT I don't pay the model's flight.
And if they want them, I shoot as many photos TFCD as the model wishes using a variety of locations - or my own studio of course - and generally let them have any of the original artwork I create with them too if they want them.


Models stay free with my wife (Barbara) & me in the spare bedroom of our house in Rojales (near Alicante) & may bring their partner too - though we do expect partners to contribute towards their hospitality.
And they can stay up to a week, BUT it obviously must include a Friday. (You can see our house at here)

About the area

Rojales is an old market-gardening town with around 20,000 inhabitants. of which around 8000 live in the town and the rest live in the 'new town' of Quesada.
It is about 4 miles from the coast, with the nearest coastal town being Guardamar, but with poor local public transport.
It is also about 10 miles from the big coastal town of Torrevieja, 30 miles from Alicante, 60 miles from Benidorm, etc.
And other nice places to visit include Cartagena with its strong Roman connections and other towns with moorish history.
We're happy to run models around and show them our great country or take them to the beach etc., but if bringing a partner it may be wise to think about hiring a car perhaps for independence.

Getting here

Our nearest airports are Alicante & Murcia with all the cheap airlines flying there from all over UK & Europe, and obviously I meet the model there & provide transport to & fro.


I don't run the classes in July & August as it's just too hot then.
To check booked/free dates go to the bookings calendar.


As a simple rule of thumb, the nightime temperatures here are the same as daytime temps in UK, with daytime temperatures 10°C higher.
Clicking on the small chart alongside, will give you the full average weather information for Alicante - & Rojales is a bit sunnier, drier & warmer than the airport weather station too as we are on the Vega Baja (low fertile plain).


I have many open references on most of the model register websites/forums, but please feel free to email me for more contacts.


If you want to come, check your diary dates for ones that are suitable to you, check out cheap flights, confirm with me the dates are OK, and book!
(N.B. As Spain is warmer than UK, not so many clothes are required & we have bulky things - towels, shower gel, etc - so many models find they don't need to pay extra for hold luggage.)


We strongly recommend you have travel insurance and you MUST have an EHIC (European Health Care) card which are free - application here: This entitles you to free emergency treatment whilst in Spain.
The sun is obviously a lot stronger than in UK, so you will need sunglasses, possibly a sun hat and we recommend P20 sun protection lotion - available at airports, not cheap but only one application a day needed & no worry about it washing off when swimming etc.


If you are happy to eat with us, there is no charge for meals etc., BUT it would also be helpful to know if you have any special dietry needs - e.g. vegetarian, celiac.

Other FAQs

YES, we do have wifi! - and currently an additional computer for guests' use.
TFCD: I give models all photos shot uneditted on CD or memory stick* to take with them and use freely as they want, and edit as many as they want too - whilst I will only use photos from the shoots on my website or a model/photographer site and only if the model is happy for me to.
                * It would be useful for the model to bring a memory stick with her when possible.
ROJALES is pronounced: RO(b) - HA(s) - LEZ(bian) with accent on the HA


My email address is

Hope to see/work with you sometime in Spain,