A model's first-time life modelling experience

I made it to the college, after slightly shocking the taxi driver who was taking me there- me telling him I was a model and not being a stick thin lady I think confused him.

I had arrived somewhat early so had to wait in reception, I wasn't nervous just excited.   Although strangely looking at people thinking, I'm just about to go and take my clothes off while you go to a lecture or practical class.   It was a slightly strange feeling.

He collected me from reception and we walked to the room, we had another student joining us, making a class of four students and one tutor.

We arrived at the room, it was much warmer than last time and there were four easels waiting patiently eager to be used.   There was also a chair, a stool and a bag of cushions in the corner.   The blinds were closed and as the last student arrived a table put across the door to stop people coming in.

It was nice, talkng to the students prior to the class, getting to know them slightly, laughing and joking with them.   It also helped break the ice a bit on my side.   I told them it was my first time modelling and they told me they admired me and could never do it.   Whereas quite the opposite is true, I admire them for drawing people.   I would be too worried at offending them by drawing them to fat/too thin or making them look ugly.

The tutor told them they were starting with a warm up pose and to get paper on their easels to prepare.   I was to get changed.   I went into the changing room and now, the huge amoutn of nervous kicked in.   I wasn't quite sure what to do, was I meant to come out the room naked or was I to come in a robe then be shown what to do.   I felt a bit clueles and started to wonder, had I made the wrong decision coming.   I mean I could back out and run away.   But I pulled myself together.

I came out the room in my robe, feeling rather bashful and sheepish.   The tutor told me just to stand in a way I felt comfortable and it would be a 15 minute pose.   I was to stand, giving the only gentleman in the room an eyeful of my large breasts.   I made a mental note not to look him in the eye.   I went back in the changing room and took off my robe I was nervous, I was naked and now I was walking across the floor and stood still.

Its the first time I have been fully naked in front of anyone in my grown up life apart from my husband.   And now there were 10 eyes looking and studying my body.   I stood and tried to focus on something still.   Beads of sweat gathered on my brow and slowly started to trickle.   I became aware of how hot I was.   I then started to have a little paniac, I was naked.   The whole of my body started to perspire.   He asked if I was ok (maybe I looked worried I'm not sure) I said I was a bit warm.   He turned the heating down and I began to relax breathing deeply to calm my nerves.

This drawing the students were told to look at the model 90% of the time and draw 10% of the time meanwhile not taking their pencil off the paper.   I heard things like "imagine if your pencil was drawing the outline of the model" and also about mapping of the drawing and contours and curves.   Like a mountain range on a map thats presumbly how to show depth and form.

Looking back I was quite tense and worried for this first one and I am pretty sure this was displayed in the artwork.   Pretty soon though, the 15 minutes was up.   I put on my gown and the students were encouraged to look at each others work.   I looked also I was interested in how I had come out in a drawing.   I was impressed with the way they had drawn me.   Despite one of the students apologising to me every time.

I was shown my next pose.   To sit on a stool with my hands covering (what was left of my lower modesty) to be honest I didnt feel at all comfortable with this pose so adapted it a bit.   Are models allowed to do that?   Was I allowed this leeway because it was new to me?   I adapted it and sat with my hands splayed open, on my legs and my feet on the rails of the stool.   My modesty felt hidden although thinking about it now it was probably more on display in the previous standing pose.   Plus the pose He had given me would have given me the worlds biggest cleavage-doh!   This one was a slightly longer pose at an hour long.   I asked for the heating to be turned off as I was worrying about perspiring.   I again found something static in the room to focus on.

The students had been given charcoal this time and were told it was just a normal drawing and to take their time.   I dont think they had used charcoal as a medium before (ooo get me with the lingo!) so it was a bit challenging for them.   Two of the students were given a make shift help for this task- their charcoal was fastened to a ruler.   This enabled them to draw from a distance making sweeping movements as opposed to being up close to the drawing itself.   I must admit it was quite calming to just sit and focus on a static point in the room.   He did tell me I could stretch or have a little walk if I needed to.

Throughout the class, He walked around the room, making pointers to the students on how to improve their drawings.   He made comments and I so wanted to get up and see what he thought was good.

The embarressment and nerves had started to subside.   Plus I think also the students began chating and having a banter with each other which helped.

The hour was up and it was coffee time.   I put on my robe and looked again at the students work.   It was good again to talk with the students, it was only their 2nd time doing life drawing, last week was the first so its all new to them.   They were a friendly class of people, making me feel comfortable joining in with their conversations.

It was going to be the last pose of the day and we had another person join us.   It was the other Him from when I had my interview.   This pose was going to be a lying down pose.   I was provided with a Yoga mat and cushions.   He showed me that he'd like me a foetal position this time and again it would be an hour long.   I threw my robe into the dressing room and got into postion.   From some of the comments during the previous pose the students were having trouble with hair, hands and feet, so maybe quite sadisticly I made sure my hair was pouring over the cushion.   My head resting on one hand and the other on the mat.   My feet intertwined.   I actually felt quite comfortable,relaxed and calm in this position.   I focused on a table leg and began to calm my nerves that despite enjoying it all were still there dancing about it my head.

The students had compressed charcoal for this drawing and had moved their drawing boards horizontally to make it slightly easier.   The other He, the one that had joined us for this particular pose was sat on the floor, it was slighly unnerving I was on eyelevel with him.

The banter continued and I even shared a few laughs with the class and even jokinly got told off for laughing as I would spoil their drawings!   This was quite a difficult pose to keep, after half an hour my arm under my head had fallen asleep.   I was greatful for the break given to me.   I was allowed to have a stretch and walk about.   Although now I was worried how would I get back into the position I was in.   Now this was where the picture that He had drawn came in helpful.   I looked at it upside down and tried to match what I saw.   The only bit I got wrong was my feet -not bad.

One of the students was amazed that I hadn't done it before, another comment I recieved was that I was lovley and that the student didnt want to make me unlovley by drawing me.   Another said she really enjoyed drawing me and it was a priveledge and a pleasure to draw.

I was just beginning to relax again and time was up, He gave a five minute warning but this seemed to fly by.   And that was it.   Finished.

I got changed into clothes now and by the time I had returned the pictures had been stuck to the wall.   Each one unique, each one showing off a part of me, I didnt think looked that great within myself but now immortalised on paper I started to like parts of my body.

At the end of the class, the students had a debrief looking at the pictures, and saying what they liked and disliked about each one.   I felt honoured to be a part of it.

I was given a round of appalause after the session and booked again for 3 weeks time.   I am also now on stand-by incase another model doesnt turn up, which I am glad about as the other 2 models have got a sitting every other week and I had hoped I would get more sittings but I can understand I was a bit of a risk as I had never done it before.

I loved it, it was liberating, confidence boosting, calming and after a while I did forget I was naked and I forgot that 10 pairs of eyes were staring at me.   I was just a study aid, a help and assistance to people learning their skills.