An Historic Working Leaf and Flower Museum

Step back in time and marvel at the thousands of original company tools of the trade, machines and fabrics which are still use each day.
Approximately 10,000 cutting tools and flower irons can be seen reproduced from moulds made from casts of leaves from all round the world.
In Victorian and Edwardian days, artificial flowers made from velvets, silks and satins adorned the ladies' ball gowns, whilst waxed flowers were used for bridal occasions.
All the samples on display are company originals as are the old clocking-on machine, bridal headresses (including a R.A.F. pearl tiara), correspondence from the 1920s, Union Jack apple leaves and spools of raw thread used for bindings.
Come and visit personally sometime or contact Brenda Wilson for more details at:-
Shirley Leaf and Petal Company
58a High Street, Old Town, Hastings
East Sussex, TN34 3EN, England
Phone/Fax: +44(0)1424 427793

She is also available to give talks.
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