Want to be a model?

Modelling is a tough career with enormous competition and only the best and most determined prevail.


  • Fashion... If you are female you should be over 5' 8" tall and between 18 and 25 years old.
    You should be slim (size 10) with clear skin, good complexion, bright eyes, good personality, stamina and commitment to succeed.
    If you are male you should ideally be over 5'11" tall.
  • Glamour... There are not the same restrictions for glamour as it encompasses a range of work from high class glossies to "adult" magazines.   However because of the sexual connotations, models must be prepared for some extent of nudity with a minimum expectation of topless work.

    If you think you have the requirements you should approach a reputable agency.
    N.B. we would generally suggest you DO NOT answer adverts "models wanted" since there are normally so many more models available than there are jobs, that most of these ads are only placed by less than scrupulous people who prey on gullible young people with the intention of ripping you off.
  • How to find a suitable agent:-

    A list of suitable agencies may be obtained by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to the:-
    Association of Model Agents
    122 Brompton Road
    London, SW3 1JE.

    Another list of reputable agencies can be found on the AlbaModels website - click on this logo and then on "A list" of agencies.

    If you are interested in being an artists' model, check our BOHEMIA pages and email us from there.

    How to approach a model agent:-

    You should send a couple of recent photos with a note of your height and dress/chest size and age, or phone to make an appointment to visit - most have set times when someone can see you.
    One photo should show your full face clearly whilst the other should show your full length body shape.
    They shouldn't be too professional - often those taken on holiday are O.K. - as the agency isn't looking at how good the photographer is, but wants to assess your proportions & will probably want to take their own test photos of you if they are interested.
    if you are sending photos as e-mail attachments they should be sent as JPEGs no bigger than a standard computer screen.
    Do not just send a link to your own site of photos and don't send ZIPped files as agents will not take time resizing or opening files.
    Ideal photos to send are like the examples shown.

    A summary of DOs & DONTs for aspiring models...

  • DON'T reply to adverts saying "models wanted" or "castings for models" - they will probably be cons or for pornography. If you DO reply to one, the advertiser must be looking for somebody to fill a particular job or jobs and they will be being paid ultimately by their client, so you should not be expected to pay as well.
  • DON'T pay for anything up front of joining an agency. Some agencies may charge for test shoots, but if they do it should be no more than the cost price (typically up to 20GBP) in which case they should also give you the negatives.
  • DON'T pay for expensive portfolios. They are not needed until you have been accepted onto an agent's books, and then are best built up slowly to incorporate work you've done, and there is no need to have photos done by the agent's own photographer.
  • DON'T sign any contract before reading all the small print - take time to have it checked.
  • DON'T pay joining fees or unexplained administration fees.
  • DO send recent snapshot pictures of yourself to your selected agency, but NOT expensive professional ones - professional photographers can make anyone look glamorous. The best photos are front face and front full length to show face and body shape - often holiday snaps are ideal.
  • DO ensure that if anyone takes pictures of you that you make them sign a model release - click here for a suitable one - making sure it is worded to protect the unauthorised use of the pictures - you don't want them making money out of them later at your expence. Reputable agents protect both the models' and employers' rights.
  • DO be prepared for disappointment, rejection and frustration and overcome them with determination. There are many more models than jobs and the ideal female model is over 5'8" with size 10 figure, perfect smile and good complexion.
  • DO remember if you get accepted onto the books of an agency they cannot guarantee to find you work.
  • DO expect to pay your agent something. Typically an agent will take 20% commission of the income they find you. They can also charge you for your percentage of the agency's main book only - obviously they have to publish your details to potential employers - and they may require you to provide them with "composite cards" which they will usually arrange for you. Bigger agencies will put these costs on your account against your future earnings. Agents are accountable to the DTI and must be able to show them and their models that any charges made are no more than actual cost price.

  • If you have a complaint about how you've been treated by a modelling agency,
    you can let the DTI know via their website, PRESS HERE