News - MARCH 2018

No new Bohemia models this month.....

If you are already - or fancy being - an artists' model, we offer free listing & email forwarding etc. for members of our BOHEMIA register.
All we need is a nude photo of yourself - arty please! (no genitals) - and a photo of an artwork you have sat for.

email: bohemia@martin-enterprises.eu if interested in being a Bohemia life model.
More artists' models always wanted...                       More artists' models always wanted...

N.B. We are no longer agents, nor run fashion or glamour model registers.   We would suggest any aspiring models look at our advice page and also recommend the advice of independent websites found on our LINKS PAGE


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babewatch calendar

  This month's calendar girl...     C   J

Returning to Spain in November, C J was able to shoot at the red salt lake but also liked the opportunity to shoot at a ruined house and show off her various bikinis and try belly dancing in great locations too.
Clicking on the images here will open more of the photos Martin shot with her.

    March in Spain..

Then on Easter day, the resurrection is enacted in the town centres with rockets, ticker tape, ringing of church bells and music.

    New art from Martin..

Having thought of the concept, he first took some photos of his muse, then he made some sketches of the idea & created a maquette.

    The sculpture was then built up in layers in clay.

    More free wallpapers..

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