Marian Gould - Artist

Working both in acrylics and watercolours and based in Los Alcazares on the Mar Menor, Marion's work can be seen in the Post Room there.
She mainly paints landscapes and pet portraits and works on commissions.
She also runs various watercolour classes.

The first picture on the right is an acrylic (approx 33 x 55 cm} & the second is a water colour (approx 35 x 48 cm)
Below is an acrylic painting of glasses (approx 27 x 19 cm) and 4 of her watercolours approx 46 x 34 cm, 42 x 30 cm, 34 x 24 cm and 58 x 51 cm respectively.

CLICK HERE to email Marian direct,
or phone 968 583 606



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