I am happy to take commissions.
Just email me letting me know as many of your requirements as possible - e.g. subject, size, media, main colour, horizontal or vertical format, etc. - and I'll send you a quote.
- AND generally I offer a "satisfaction guarantee" - i.e. if you don't like the work you don't have to buy it!

(Although you would be responsible for any particular expenses - e.g. the model's fee if I employed a particular one specially.)

Below are some of my recent commissions - click on thumbnails to enlarge.

The Scream full size reproduction (90cm x 70cm) using oils and pastels. Pastel painting of a lady. Pastel painting of mother and baby.
Quadriptych of flamenco dancers.
Each depicts a couple (& 3 have a musician playing either guitar or cajon drum.)
All 60 cm x 80 cm oil on canvas.

2 daughters of a Spanish man - each 40cm x 40cm

Painting of a wife from emailed photo.

A diptych in oils to give impression of mediterranean style sunset.

Various pet portraits in pastel

This oil on canvas tryptich was size dependant having to fit wall to wall with the central (155 cm) picture the same size as removable panel it covers.

And of course, many of the art works on the other pages are available for purchase too.       So if you are interested in any of the works you see please email me info@martin-enterprises.eu.

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